How To Start A WordPress Blog ( Comprehensive Guide For Beginners )

Do you want to start blogging with wordpress and don't know how to start a blog with wordpress.. I know that starting a wordpress blog is somehow difficult process for newbie bloggers because most them don't have technical knowledge. Apart from this, setup of blog with wordpress is an easy process, because you can find hundreds of wordpress tutorials from expert bloggers and webmasters on internet. Today I have also decided to create a complete tutorial how to start a wordpress blog without technical knowledge.This tutorial includes step by step guide to create a wordpress blog from scratches.

How To Start A WordPress Blog

Things Need to Start a WordPress Blog:

There are few things you need to start a wordpress blog.

1. A domain name for you blog Like, or
2. A web hosting account (Don't worry if you don't have)
3. 20 to 25 Minutes
4. A cup of Coffee (Just to relax your mind)

Believe it or not you are going to start your wordpress blog in 25 minutes. Here is a simple step by step guide:In this tutorial we will learn:

  • Why to build blog with WordPress
  • What is Domain Name
  • What is Web Hosting
  • How to register domain name for free.
  • How to choose best affordable web hosting.
  • How to Install wordpress
  • How to select a good looking wordpress theme
  •  At last but not least we will learn how to publish first wordpress blog post.

Why To Build Blog With WordPress??

Before going the process I want to tell you something about WordPress, a Exceptional blogging platform.WordPress is the most popular content management system(CMS) for blogging. Almost you can create any kind of website/blog with wordpress. Last year 90% of the website created on Wordpress. Here are some reasons why wordpress is the best blogging platform:

  1. WordPress is free of cost.
  2. It is user friendly: Bost expert and new bloggers having no coding knowledge can wordpress easily.
  3. Responsive: Blogs/websites with wordpress are responsive and compatible with mobile, tablets and all other modern devices.
  4. Help: Another great advantage of wordpress blog is easy to get help. If you have any query and question just Google it. You will find dozen of tutorials for a single query.
  5. More than 75 millions sites are live with wordpress, which proves that wordpress is powerful blogging tool.
  6. WordPress is free and easy to setup, you just need domain name and web hosting account.

What is Domain Name?

Domain name is the name of your website or address of your website. It is what people type on internet to get your website. Like, or . Domain always have an extension like .Net, .Org. .Info ( .Com is strongly recommended by experts but you can also choose other extension )

What is web hosting?

Your website all posts and pages need a space on the internet. This space is known as web hosting. It is like your website's house. Every single page need a web hosting. There are many web hosting providers on the internet . Bluehost one of them which provides affordable and reliable web hosting for wordpress blog.

A domain name normally cost $12 to $14 per year and web hosting cost $5 to $7 per month.


Start WordPress blog on Bluehost

Bluehost is the best web hosting provider and recommended by wordpress officials and some other big brands. It offers free domain name and affordable web hosting. Here check out a quick bluehost review:

Support: Bluehost offers 24/7 customer support via email, chat and phone.
UpTime: Bluehost offers 99.9 uptime, which is amazing
Ease of Use: Bluehost services are easy to use. Even non technical people finds it easy to get through. It offers 1-click WordPress installation.
Scalability: Bluehost offers different plans/packages according one's need. you can easily upgrade plans or add features (like security) to them.
Affordability: Bluehost is reliable as well as affordable. It offers cheap rates as compare to other web hosting companies.

Step#1 Start Blog With Bluehost:

Let's go ahead and buy domain and web hosting for your wordpress blog. Go to Bluehost and follow simple steps:

On the bluehost page you can see a Green Button " get started now" Click on the button:

Create account on bluehost

On the next page, select the plan that you need( basic & plus are most popular and more than sufficient for a simple wordpress blog)

Select web hosting plan on Bluehost

Now Enter your domain name for your blog.

Domain Name Window
After Selecting You Domain Name : Click The Next Button in blue color.

Finally, you will be taken to a form where you have to add plan and account information to complete the process.  On this page , you can see some extra packages and features details. At this stage we don't recommend, just  uncheck Theme

Account and Payment Details of Bluehost

After submitting the Account and Payment Information,  You will receive an email with details how to login to your web hosting cPanel( also known as control panel). This is the area, where you can manage each and everything about your hosting. And above all you can set up WordPress.

Step#2 Install WordPress

Congratulation, you have made an account on bluehost. Now it's time to install wordpress on your web hosting account. Login to your bluehost account. Here you can see dozen of logos and small icons of different services and companies. you are newbie and this might confusing for you. Don't be overwhelmed! just find the wordpress icon and click on it. here see the screenshot.

how to Install wordpress on Bluehost

Now it will direct you to the bluehost marketplace. Click on the button " get started" for quick installation.

On the next page you will be asked to choose your domain: Select your domain name from the drop-down menu and press the " Next " button

On the next screen. you need to set credential for your website. Enter site name, user name and password for your site: here check all the boxes and then click install.

Installation process of wordpress will start: Meanwhile marketplace will show you wordpress themes

Do nothing, I will show you how to get free wordpress themes in the next step;

Once wordpress installation done, you will see installation completed notice on the top header bar of the screen.

Click on installation complete link it will take you to the screen where you can see your credentials like WordPress login URL, password and username.

Install wordpress on Bluehost

I  am glad that you have created your wordpress site successfully. Your wordpress login link look like this.

Click on the login link to login to your dashboard: Write username and Password.

WordPress Login Form

Now your are ready to publish your first post,But first learn how you can change look of your wordpress site by adding wordpress themes.

Step#3 Change Your WordPress Theme

The look and design of your wordpress blog is controlled by themes. When you setup blog . wordpress install a theme It. Which is not so impressive and have not professional look and you would like to change.

Well, you can change wordpress theme of your blog and can make it according to your need.

There are thousands of free and premium wordpress themes available on the internet. There are many marketplaces and companies Like Elegant Themes that provide stylish and fully functional themes for wordpress. Wpxif also Provides free and premium wordpress themes.

You can change wordpress theme easily by going to your wordpress dashboard.

>>Go to Appearance
>>Click on Themes

Change WordPress Theme

On the Front screen you can see a button " Add New" click on it. This action will take you to themes directory where you can browse thousands of free themes. here you can select a best wordpress theme for your blog for free.

Activate Wordpress Theme

When you have found a theme that is best suited for your blog then click on it, theme will be started to install. after installation process completed, the install button will turn into active button. click on it to. Congratulation you have successfully activated wordpress theme on your blog.

Now wait is over and your blog is ready to create and publish first blog post

Step#4 Create and Publish your first Blog Post

Excited? To write your first blog post go to wordpress dashboard
Click on the post
Add New

Write and Publish first wordpress blog post

In the post area you can write your first blog post. In the above small area write title and in the large area write content. After writing the blog post click on the button " Publish" to publish to blog post to the world.

Thank you for reading my article how to start a wordpress blog. Hope It will  help you to  create and publish your first wordpress blog post. Happy blogging

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How To Start A WordPress Blog ( Comprehensive Guide For Beginners )
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